The Rooster Boosters Hedonism Resort Negril Jamaica
June 3rd - 10th, 2017

The Rooster Boosters returned from an amazing vacation at Temptation Resort Cancun in July 2016. It was so much fun that putting it into words is difficult – but some of the words & phrases I have heard describing the vacation from those in attendance include: Amazing – Breathtaking – Awesome – Wild – Crazy – TOO much fun – TOO much tequila – That Damn Rudy – (“That Damn Rudy” and “Too Much Tequila” are usually in the same sentence) and The best group of people to travel with EVER!

The Rooster Booster Group always has something to look forward to. Looking forward to our next vacation in 2017 is next on the agenda.

This resort definitely fits the criteria for a wonderful Rooster Booster get away. What are those criteria? Well – a Rooster Booster vacation is Tropical, All Inclusive Food and Drinks, Clothing Optional or Topless and First Class Accommodations with Fun Side Trips Planned.

The resort meets all of these criteria and more. A beautiful resort, with beautifully decorated rooms with either a garden view or ocean view. Along with offering a beautiful resort with entertainment & sexy fun you set the rules for you and your partner and time to fulfill the fantasies that both of you have always dreamed about. Incredible eye candy by the pool or be surrounded other sexy couples who dress to impress in the evening. If you like Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest and Clothing Optional/Topless Beaches and Great destinations, then its time party on at Hedonism with the Rooster Boosters!

You will have the freedom to take a dip in the swimming pool, or hot tub whirlpool. Relax with that perfect drink on the beach or in the pool. The Pool is open 24 hours & believe me you'll LOVE IT!

There is just so much to do at Hedo and much more off resort should you want to go exploring. We'll plan our own private excursion for the Rooster Boosters group.

Every night is the perfect chance to explore your Fantasies; with the Disco & Beautiful grounds you will find the right place for you and your partner. Each night offers you a different exotic theme - go ahead and experience your every desire and make your fantasies come true.

If you’ve never traveled with the Rooster Booster Group before, you are missing out on traveling with the most easy going & funniest group of people around. There are some in the group that can be pranksters, so leaving your room key unattended, could result in a few surprises in your room when you get back. Like Easter grass in your bed or a fake snake in your shower. The only criteria for being a Rooster Booster are that you can put up with a crazy group of people and you like to have fun.

Some people just like to get naked. Some like to swing. Some people like to swing naked from the palm trees! Whatever you like – we accept. We have fun – we don’t expect the party to be there – we take the party with us. We have no expectations of anyone in the group. If you want to party naked and get your tan with NO lines, that’s GREAT. If you don’t want to that’s also GREAT. No one cares. The only thing we care about is that everyone has a good time and gets the vacation they want.

We usually plan at least two group activities off of the resort grounds. One day of sight seeing and shopping to get all those souvenirs purchased and a catamaran/snorkeling trip to see the island from the water and swim with the fishes if you want. These extra trips are always optional and are not included in the all inclusive price. You decide if these extra trips fit into your ideal vacation experience. With this trip your going to be getting a full week with some of the most fun people, new friends, beautiful topless optional beach, great food & plenty of delicious drinks so be prepared to have FUN!

The Rooster Boosters are really looking forward to this vacation already! The layout of the resort is amazing, with swimming pools and hot tub whirlpools and each with a bar close by! It doesn’t get any better than that!

If you’ve traveled with the Rooster Boosters before, then you know that we love to have new people join us. You don’t have to be a “member” of the group to sign up for this vacation. By signing up for this vacation, you become a member of the group and we can’t wait to add you to our crazy shenanigans. We often end up adopting people who happen to be at the resorts, but aren’t officially traveling with us. By the time we leave, they are Rooster Boosters also – so come one – come all. Life is not a dress rehearsal, so come travel with – make friends with and have the time of your life with the Rooster Boosters.

See you in Jamaica